PsychologyLaw Partners : A Forensic Consulting Service

PsychologyLaw Partners

zervopoulosMental health experts and their opinions—often unclear, often confusing—impact family law outcomes that concern your clients most: their changing family relationships.

Dr. John A. Zervopoulos, a lawyer and forensic psychologist, partners with family lawyers to address families’ mental health issues and experts’ work and testimony. You’ll upgrade your case prep and presentation and increase your clients’ satisfaction with your work.

Why choose PsychologyLaw Partners?
  • Refine your understanding of psychological issues in your cases.
  • Critique psychological and child custody evaluations and review relevant records.
  • Develop compelling case themes that flesh out your legal arguments.
  • Improve direct examinations of your own experts and other witnesses.
  • Sharpen depositions and cross-examinations of your opponent’s experts.
  • Draft or edit language to focus your Daubert or Frye motions.
  • Develop options to resolve settlement impasses.

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