PsychologyLaw Partners : A Forensic Consulting Service

PsychologyLaw Partners

zervopoulosDr. John A. Zervopoulos, a board certified forensic psychologist and lawyer, specializes in helping lawyers understand, critique, and use psychological materials and evidence in their cases. He combines his forensic psychology expertise with a lawyer’s eye to offer a unique service. With his aid, lawyers cut through confusing mental health materials and testimony and assertively address the mental health and legal reliability issues that impact their cases. As a result, lawyers clarify case themes, focus examinations of experts on questions that advance case goals, and sharpen legal arguments in court.

Why choose PsychologyLaw Partners?
  • Improve your understanding of psychological issues in your cases.
  • Identify and use relevant psychological research and materials.
  • Refine direct examinations of your own experts.
  • Sharpen depositions and cross-examinations of your opponent’s experts.
  • Prepare focused Frye or Daubert challenges or defenses.
  • Assist resolution of impasses in mediation or settlement negotiations.
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